Thank You Satanic Elite – For Proving Me Right – Censoring The Truth – David Icke

Censorship In The Form Of Silicon Valley, Mainstream Media, Government Agencies Pounding Out The Official (Lie) Version Of Everything. David Icke’s Website, Iconic, Taken Down, Its Being Restored Now, Mike Adams The Health Ranger, A Man Who I Have Always Held In High Esteem, Until His Attack On David Icke Yesterday, People Who Interview David Icke Throwing In A Disclaimer Prior To The Interview Stating That They Don’t Believe Everything That He Says? Why? For Over Three Decades David Icke Has Been Warning People About Exactly What Is Occurring To Humanity At This Very Moment. These Disclaimers, seem To Be A Way For The Interviewers To Have An Each Way Bet! This Extraordinary Censorship And Attacks Only Happen When You’re Flying Directly Over The Target. 


I Also Had My Entire Video Platform Deleted From Video. Here Is The Ridiculous Notice I Received, Note It Is The Garbage That David Icke Received. I Now Use WordPress Which Has Its Own Video Player. My Videos Are Now Stored On Hard Drive.