ArrrrhhhhGGG!!! Coronavirus, We’re All Gonna Die!! NOT!! Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus!

Everywhere you turn the Coronavirus scam is shoved in your face! Every website, your mobile phone, TV, YouTube, every time you open a damn webpage there it is, the latest Coronavirus Death Figures, except there NOT!  – Joel  Skousen Lays Out The Facts

There Are NO Reliable Agencies Or Media Outlets For Reporting Numbers Of Actual Covid 19 Virus Cases! Every Action And Reaction To Covid 19 Is based On Totally  Flawed Data Manufactured By Predictive Models And We Simply Cannot Make Accurate Assessments!! Most People Present With Cold/Flu Like Symptoms. That Is Because Most Coronavirus Strains Are Nothing More Than Cold/Flu Like Symptoms. There Are Worse Respiratory Symptoms, As Happens With Any Cold Or Flu Virus. But These Have A High Recovery Rate! The Test Kits Are Totally Useless. People Are Being Tested For Coronavirus, When The Test Does Not Allow A Specific Coronavirus Virus To Be Detected! 

Yes People Are Dying, But From What? As Stated Above, There Are No Reliable Test Methods, Governments Can’t Make Up Their Minds Whether The Quarantine Period Is 14 Or 28 Days (Some People Can Carry The Virus For 28 Days Before Symptoms Present, Others 14 Days.) British Health Authorities Have Stated That The CCP, Corona Or Covid 19 Virus Is No More Lethal Than The Flu! But When People Become Radiated With 5G RadiationThe Immune System Is Scrambled Leading To Pneumonia. And People Are Dying In Huge Numbers Wherever  5G RadiationIs Prominent.  Wuhan, China, Italy, And just Discovered Recently 5G Is Being Rolled Out By Stealth In Sydney, Australia. See Below.

5G THIS IS NOT A LIGHT SENSOR – THIS IS A SCANNING RADAR – Anthony Steele Military Weapons Heads Up Display Expert! 5G Is A Weapons System!