Statistics Show Coronavirus Is A Hoax Targeting The Global Economy – The Pending Neurotoxic Vaccine Will Totally Destroy Your Immune System

This Virus Is Not Deadly To Anyone With A Normal Functioning Immune System. The People That Have Died (Supposedly) From Covid 19 Have Either A Compromised Immune System, Or An Underlying Chronic Condition, Or, They Have Been Exposed To Heavy Concentrations Of 5G Radiation That Is Radiated In Wuhan, China And Italy. 5G Unravels The Immune System And Suppresses It. Covid 19, By Itself Is No More Serious Than The Common Flu! This Is A Global Scam To Destroy The World Economy To Usher In An Orwellian Global Government. – Joel Skousen Lays Out The facts.


Following today’s roll back of doom and gloom COVID-19 death tolls from Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who now says he was wrong, UK health officials downgraded the threat level to just around the flu.

The downgrade is causing controversy all over the Internet as many citizens question restrictive, sometimes draconian, shutdowns. Over 3 millions sit in their homes tonight, jobless, depressed, and feeling massive anxiety. Wrap your heads around that.

The Coming Neurotoxic Vaccine Will Totally Destroy Your Health:

Dr Judy Mikovits Jailed For Exposing deadly viral Neurotoxins in all vaccines. Molecular Biologist Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, reveals the disturbing true story of how she was thrown in prison for blowing the whistle on deadly viral contamination of all human vaccines.

A FINAL WORD: Vaccines Killed Many More People Than The Swine Flu That Didn’t Really Exist: – Dr Bruce Lipton