Breaking News: Covid 19 No Longer Considered A High Consequence Infectious Disease

The British National Health Service Stated on Their Website That Covid 19 Is NO LONGER CONSIDERED A HIGH CONSEQUENCE INFECTIOUS DISEASE? I recorded a video showing documentation of this that has been deleted by YouTube for a breach of their so called guidelines? And, the document that stated this on The National Health Service NHS website has been removed overnight. The Fact That The Video Showing The Documented Evidence Was Deleted By The Globalist Mouthpiece YouTube Is Proof Of The Hoax! Here is A Video Of A Mainstream Media Reporter Slipping Up And Exposing The Hoax!


Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the lockdown. This virus is A Worldwide Pandemic Hoax! Yes I know that many have supposedly died from this virus. But it turns out that those that have died already had pre existing serious conditions. Wuhan and Italy are two areas that are heavily saturated with 5G a proven immune suppressant. The combination of pre existing medical conditions and the immune suppressant 5G are causing the deaths. Covid 19 is not the threat that Mainstream Media and Governments are claiming. The Globalist Cabal Plan Is To Crash The World Economy And Usher In An Orwellian Control State. 

(If anyone has a copy of the NHHS website document that states that Covid 19 is no longer a high consequence infectious disease, please contact me via this website comments section. Thank you.)

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