CENSORED Health Alert: Vital Life Saving Information Regarding Covid 19 Virus From Scientist Mike Adams

What’s especially important to note in all this is how every government authority is pushing pharmaceuticals and (non-existent) vaccines rather than encouraging people to use nutraceuticals that are available right now. Because of this total unwillingness to recommend potential anti-viral substances that are safe, affordable and available right now, these “authorities” are allowing the virus to replicate and spread in an accelerating manner, all to promote the financial interests of Big Pharma rather than support the health of the public. They are more interested in protecting the profits of Big Pharma than in protecting the health of the public.

I have joined the ranks of many others who defied the Globalist Cabal, spoke truth and exposed the lies, propaganda and the Eugenics/Depopulation Agenda, the Neurotoxic Vaccines, that are being used to cull the population and Big Pharma, and had all of my videos deleted from VIMEO (The Globalist Controlled Site) Or so they think? 🙂 ALL of my videos have been saved to disc!  *NOTE* The Supreme Court Has Ruled That Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe! And scientists have been falsely imprisoned for exposed deadly viral neurotoxins in Vaccines. Here is a link to the proof of that: https://youtu.be/rhZETbXCqCMThis is what I woke up to this morning. 


Dear Globalist Cabal mouthpiece,

As you well know the Supreme Court has ruled that “Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe.”  VAERS The Vaccine Adverse Reporting Service and The Vaccine Court have paid over $4.5 Billion to families for Vaccine injury and death. Safe and effective my ass. And all of those videos that you believe were removed, well every one of them has been saved to disc so that I can continue to expose criminal filth such as you. 

*NOTE* The COVID 19 incubation period can last up to 27 days before symptoms present. During which time the infected person can spread the virus.

Here Is A Link To That Banned Video:  https://www.brighteon.com/85a56927-ba0c-48eb-95df-13d90d31d904

PS If you are also speaking truth and need a place to upload your videos to continue to speak out and expose the tyranny then go to www.brighteon.com and join scientist Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, and Alex Jones and many others who are fighting for humanities future against the Globalist Luciferian Cabal.