Breaking NEWS: Coronavirus Doctor From China Speaks Out Helping Coronavirus Patients With Powerful Vitamin Protocol

Todays News will be invaluable because the mainstream media refuses to report on the single most important aspect of this virus.  The solution! In fact, the one thing that’s not talked about – nearly enough – is how to improve (and maintain) the health of the immune system. Can vitamin C – known to be an excellent vitamin for protecting immunity – actually help people infected with the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, a video posted – originally with this article – by Andrew Saul, PhD talking about some very important health information associated with vitamin C and the coronavirus has been removed by YouTube.

After a nationwide mention in the NY Post, MSN, and Business Insider, the 10-minute video reporting on the successful use of vitamin C for the coronavirus by doctors in Wuhan has been censored on the internet.  No doubt, media manipulation that suppresses lifesaving information is alive and well in the “free” world. But, as I was updating this article, I found another place that stored the video … hopefully this version will remain available to the public.

Ask yourself this: why is this information being suppressed by the mainstream media and conventional medical “authorities.” Do they really believe that this vitamin therapy is useless? Or, could this just be an example of profits over public safety.

I’ll let you decide. But, ultimately, it’s up to each and every one of us to do everything we can to keep our immune system strong. After all, it is our best defense against disease.