Satans Little Helper, Dr Stanley Plotkin Comes Clean On Vaccines – Proof Vaccines Do Cause Autism

Am I a genius and everyone else on the planet is stupid? Or are people just not giving a damn about their fellow man! Why are we submitting to the evil edict of mandatory poisoning of our children? There is a mountain of proof that vaccines are a neurotoxic cocktail of Aluminium, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Aborted Foetal Tissue and SV40 Simeon Monkey Virus known to be loaded with cancer causing DNA. The. Vaccine court has paid out over $4.5 Billion in compensation to families due to Vaccine Injury And Death! People, Just say NO! 

The Link Between Vaccines And Autism. The CDC Coverup.The CDC Knew For Fourteen Years And Said Nothing.

Still Think That Vaccines Are Safe And Effective?

Here Are The Figures From VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System, That Very Few Doctors Even Know Exists?

And Since Fewer Than One Percent Of Injury And Deaths Are Being Reported, Here Are The Actual Figures From Harvard Medical School.