Coronavirus Outbreak IS SERIOUS! It Is NOT The Flu, It Is A Bioweapon! Confirmed!!

Don’t be Fooled,The Covid 19 Virus Is A Bioweapon, It Is Not The Flu, It Is A Combination Of Coronavirus, SARS And A Yet To Be Identified Biological Agent. The Quarantine Is Being Bungled! A Minimum Of Thirty Days Is Required! People Can Carry The Virus And Spread It For 27 Days Before Symptoms Can Even Be Detected. Take Precautions. This Is A Man Made Weapon To Force Vaccination To Exasperate The Situation. This Bioweapon Was Deliberately Released. This Is A Globalist Cabal Eugenics/Depopulation Agenda Dream Come True! It Gives Me No Pleasure To Post This Video, Especially Since My Fiancé Is Trapped In China, But People Need To Know The Truth!


As Stated In The Main Video, If Reinfection Occurs People Die From The Bioweapon Causing A Heart Attack.