Breaking News: Evidence That Covid 19 Virus Is Being Allowed To Spread Across The United States And Possibly Globally!

President Trump is telling everyone it’s no big deal and the WHO has it under control? It is a fact that the CDC test kits to detect the virus are defective, and plainly just don’t work! Hong Kong scientists have developed technology to test for the virus but are being denied funding? It has been clearly established that the minimum quarantine period is 27 days, and the virus is highly contagious during this period, but authorities continue to push the bogus fourteen day period?

Here Is A Link To A Information From Mike Adams From Natural News Explaining The Details

At this point, there are so many conflicting stories, theories and narratives that it’s nauseating to try to navigate the “truth” about all the motivations and agendas here.

So keep it simple. What’s undeniable is that the virus is spreading globally at a breathtaking pace.

It’s also undeniable that the CDC has prohibited nearly all coronavirus testing by U.S. states and local hospitals, meaning there’s virtually no testing taking place anywhere in America.

In my view, the CDC is setting a trap for Trump by getting him to address the nation and tell everyone it’s all under control. Once the testing actually resumes in America, we’ll see hundreds (if not thousands) of cases exploding overnight, and the media will pounce on Trump, blaming him for incompetence and a lack of action to stop the pandemic.

And if you want another conspiracy layer to consider on top of everything else, I wouldn’t even be surprised if some particularly wretched Democrat operatives are spreading the virus on purpose, contributing to the eventual spike of cases in America that can all be blamed on Trump. The Dems can’t wait to blame Trump for people dropping dead in the streets from the coronavirus… and San Francisco just declared a state of emergency, by the way, even though they claim there are no infections in the city so far. (Huh?)

Dr. Messonnier, once again, seems to be telling the truth (for the moment) when she says this pandemic is coming to America. That part seems inevitable.

We already have confirmation from a Homeland Security source that there are over 1,000 confirmed infections in America, and that number is over a week old. Given the roughly 3.5-day doubling period of this virus when left uncontained, that means we might already have > 4000 infections in the United States.

And Trump is about to tell America everything’s under control?

It’s a Trump trap.

In fact, I think the spread of the coronavirus in the United States is deliberate.