Lack Of Proper Minimum 27 Day Quarantine Of Covid 19 Virus Is Increasing Contagion

The complacent are ignoring the highly contagious nature of this virus and ignoring the impossibility of controlling it because it can be carried by asymptomatic carriers for up to 27 days. Patients in China who have been “cured” and sent home are starting to show a second surge of the virus after an additional 10-day incubation period. This engineered weapon is a “chimera” of multiple strains of biological weapons, including SARS, MERS and HIV. 


Governments keep quoting the bogus quarantine period of 14 days when people have taken as long as 27 days to present symptoms of the Covid 19 virus. And during the incubation period, the virus is highly contagious and can easily be spread spread to others.

All international travel should cease immediately until an antidote can be discovered or developed for this weaponised Bioweapon virus. All bioweapons have an antidote. And please don’t buy into any neurotoxic so called vaccine solution. 

Vaccines were manufactured long after the disease that they were manufactured for were eradicated! There is the fairy tale about smallpox being eradicated by vaccines, the so called smallpox vaccine in fact, increased the death rate. What eradicated smallpox was better hygiene and proper sewage systems. The polio vaccine gives people polio, and is loaded with Simeon monkey virus which infects genes with cancer that is passed on to other generations! The only way to end the epidemic of Autism, Auto immune disease, life long seizures, and Injury and death from these abominations that the Cabal label as Vaccines IS TO COMPLETELY  BAN THEM! Our bodies have a natural immune system that has been provided by our creator. If we eat organic foods, exercise moderately, and seek health care via Chiropractic, Naturopathic, and herbal means this Vaccine caused epidemic of illness will end. One day humanity will look upon Vaccines in the same way that we now look on leeches as a method of healing.