Eighty (80) % Of Australia’s Energy Comes From Coal, If Removed Australia Will Descend Into A Third World Country – We Have The Technology To Take ET Home

The ‘Climate Alarmist’ Fake Global Warming Movement would love Australia to descend into a third world country. Extinction Rebellion (the heads of the movement) are Marxist/Socialists who are pushing this fake agenda to bring down normal society and move everyone into the Agenda 21 plan for total dominion of humanity. 

The Full Story: https://youtu.be/bMeXSlGJZYc

Humanity Is Living With And Using One Hundred Year Old Technology. The Technology That Would End World Poverty Within A Decade Is Being Kept From Us By A Military Industrial Complex Deep State. And It Would End The Ridiculous Global Warming, Climate Change Stalking Horse For Agenda 21 Hoax Forever.