Pandemic Update: Chinese Medics Reportedly Claim That Coronavirus Has Infected 100,000 And China Is Lying

 Chinese medics are purportedly uploading videos onto social media app Weibo chat, which are being deleted and funneled out of China. Medics are claiming that the Wuhan coronavirus is much worse than what the Chinese government is stating to the public; two videos state that an estimated 90,000 – 100,000 people are infected in just Wuhan alone.

The virus has now been detected in — China, Australia, Nepal, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, France, Canada and the United States. An unknown sobbing Chinese woman known only as Dr. Jinnhui – believed to work at the quarantined Wuhan hospital in China – claims the coronavirus is far worse than the Chinese government has said with 100,000 people infected. The woman adds a warning for everyone to stay indoors.

The woman can be heard stating the outbreak is hundreds of times worse than official figures coming out of China suggest.The audio was shared by Chinese news outlet Global Himalaya, who claimed it was sent from a member of the medical staff in Wuhan.

In a translation verified by Anonymous Bites Back Asia team, a woman says:

I have been working all day long. Now I am off duty. I took off around 4pm, I have been crying my eyes out.

The infection is much more horrible than it’s reported on TV.

There are so many cases. Doctors have estimated about 100,000 infected.

She explains there are just over 10 doctors who have treated “more than 100 infected people in just one day”.

In a chilling prediction, the unnamed woman proclaims: “Many of them will not make it.”

“The government didn’t support us with medical supplies,” she continues.

The patients were begging us desperately but we couldn’t do anything.

They are dying right in front of our eyes.

Please take every measure to protect yourselves at home.

Don’t ever trust the government. We are on our own now.

Another short video claims much of the same, with another alleged doctor posting his message to the world.


“Wuhan in reality, it’s completely the opposite of what’s said on tv. No one, no hospitals. no particular hospital. The hospitals are fully packed, the dead bodies have been lying there for days and no one is coming to collect them,” the man says according to translation.

A third video with a Chinese conversation seen in the background seems to corroborate claims that the situation is much worse than what China is acknowledging. A voice message from medical staff alleged to be in Wuhan also mentions the 90,000 – 100,000 infected figure.

Multiple videos out of China have shown citizens falling over, and medical officials in hazmat suits removing dead bodies on a stretcher with a sheet covering them. Anons also compiled numerous videos coming out of China displaying dead being carried out, showing the death count is likely higher than what is being stated.

China is punishing everyone who posts this information to social media, and it has been hard for anyone to smuggle these videos outside of the country. On January 1, 2020, eight people were arrested in China for spreading rumors about this disease. A journalist shared a picture on Twitter allegedly showing that all staff at hospitals are forbidden to discuss any latest developments of the outbreak with family, relatives, and friends through email, phone calls, texts, WeChat, Weibo, or e-mail. This suggests that China is in fact trying to cover up something about the virus and that may just be the number infected in Wuhan.

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