Gervais Skewers Hollywood’s hypocrisy At Golden Globe Monologue, Globalist Shill Russell Crowe Didn’t Get The Message!

When Are These Hollywood Sycophantic Globalist Cabal, Climate Alarmist Shills Going To Quit Sucking Up To The Evil Agenda 21? There Is NO Climate Crisis, We Have No Dangerous Emissions To Reduce, The Whole Climate Alarmist Agenda Is A Stalking Horse For The Orwellian Rollout Of Agenda 21! Crowe Needs To See A Video I Posted That Shows That Agenda 21 Is Already Being Rolled Out In Australia and The US, And Here Is The Link That Shows Proof That They Are Deliberately Burning Country Areas With Directed Energy Weapons To Drive People To City Areas. Here Is The Link:

Directed Energy Weapon In Action: