Vaccines Aren’t What You Think They Are – The Fascist Global Agenda For Mandatory Neurotoxic Vaccination

Sanitation, Nutrition And Antibiotics Saved Humanity, NOT Neurotoxic Vaccines Loaded With Mercury, Formaldehyde, Aluminium And Aborted Diseased Foetal Tissue That Contains Cancer Causing Ingredients,The DNA Of Aborted Infants! They Globalist Cabal, Vaccine Cartels Are Planning To Increase The Toxicity Of These Neurotoxic Poisons. We Must Stand Strong And Refuse To Comply, Acquiesce To Their Destruction Of  Our Futures. Make No Mistake This Is An Attempted Genocide Of Most Of Humanity. 

These Neurotoxic Poisonous So Called Vaccines Are An Abomination. We Have All Been Lied To By Big Pharma, The Vaccine Cartels And Doctors Who Have Been Brainwashed By Big Pharma And The Vaccine Cartels Who Design The Entire Medical Curriculum. Vaccines Are The Front Line Assault In The Globalist Cabal’s Eugenics Depopulation Agenda.


Dr Judy Mikovits Jailed For Exposing deadly viral Neurotoxins in all vaccines. Molecular biologist Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, reveals the disturbing true story of how she was thrown in prison for blowing the whistle on deadly viral contamination of human vaccines.

Public Incredulity Is A Key Defence Mechanism Protecting The Globalist Luciferian Cabal And its Gofers From Exposure. This is Captured In The Reaction: ’They Would Never Do That’. Oh, But They Would And The More Horrific And Unspeakable The Better. The Public Needs To Know And Understand That These People Are Total Psychopaths Devoid of Empathy And Normal Feelings Of Any Kind. And They Simply Will Not Stop Until The Majority Of The Population On Our World Is Eliminated.