Brain Damaged By Vaccines – I Saw An Immediate Change

It Is Not normal to lose your ability to speak overnight! And of course the usual response from the Big Pharma/Vaccine Cartel educated MD. “Its Nothing To Worry About, Its Not the Vaccines, They Are safe And effective.” Big Pharma and the Vaccine Cartels Design The Entire Medical Curriculum! And if you’re not already aware VAERS, the Vaccine Court has paid out, so far, $4.5 Billion in compensation to families for Vaccine Death and Injury. Add to that, only one percent of Vaccine injuries are reported. And yet the payout by the vaccine court continues  to skyrocket. Safe and effective my ass!

Feel inspired by this powerful and articulate mother who describes how she put all of the pieces together of her children’s vaccine injuries. We don’t have an Autism epidemic, we have a Vaccine epidemic, we have an imposter! Vaccines are the Globalist Luciferian Cabals front line weapon in their Eugenics/Depopulation Agenda! The Globalist Cabal own Big Pharma and The Vaccine Cartels, The Mainstream Media, And the information given to MDs. There is no evidence whatsoever of the ability of vaccines to prevent any diseases! – Dr Viera Scheibner PhD


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