Nano Micro Chips Are Being Used In Vaccines To Control Populations – CIA Scientist Whistleblower

On A Trip To New York A Meeting Was Requested With David Icke By A Very Troubled CIA Scientist. The Scientist Had Discovered That The Reason For Mandatory Vaccination Was Population Manipulation And Control. Smart Dust Nano Microchips Are Being Introduced Into The Population In Vaccines. 

As the Globalist Cabal Gets Closer To Their Endgame, We Begin To See More And More In Your Face Tyranny. People Are Beginning To Awaken To The Full Agenda Of Totalitarian Suppression Of Our Rights And Freedoms. 


Our Children Are being Indoctrinated In Schools And Colleges Around The World So That They Will Be Compliant When The Full Blown Tyranny Is Introduced. My Generation Is The Last Generation That Has Experienced True Freedom In Our Youth And Can See What Is Coming. Any Parent That Sits On Their Hands And Zips Their Mouth, That Looks Their Children In The Eye And Tells Them That They Should Just Ignore What Is Happening, Their Children And Grandchildren Are Going To Be Living In A Dystopian World of Enormous Extreme, We Will Have A Population Of Drooling Pavlovian Idiots Unless…….This Is Headed Off!