We’ve All Been Indoctrinated, Programmed With A False Paradigm About What It Takes To Be Successful In Life!

Government Education Systems Are Designed To Indoctrinate The Population On How To Be A Good Slave To The System. We Are Not Taught How To Think We Are Told What To Think! The School System is Criminal In Many sways, It Kills The Childs Sprit Of Learning, It Indoctrinates Youth Into Marxist Socialist Ideologies, And The Fake Climate Alarmist, Agenda 21 Nightmare Sleepwalking Us Into An Orwellian Nightmare.  (See Below)*

*Carbon Dioxide Is Not A Pollutant, Carbon Dioxide Is .04 Of A percent Of The Entire Earths Atmosphere! Human Beings Create 3 Percent Of That .04 Percent Across The Entire Planet! Our Children Are Being Fed This Global Warming Garbage From Kindergarten Through To University By Marxist/Socialist Teachers Who Are Terrifying Young Children Into Believing That The World Will End Within A Decade, And Causing Many Young People To Commit Suicide. Again, This Global Warming Scam Is A Trojan Horse For Agenda 21 The Mental, Emotional, And Physical Suppression Of Humanity. See This Post. https://wp.me/p19seq-67