The Utter Lies And Idiocy Of Climate Change And Prince Charles

While Prince Charles Good Friend Of Known Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, And Brother To Pervert And Child Molester Prince Andrew Lies Through His Teeth And Warns of Impending Doom That Is Terrifying Children To The Point Of Many Young People Suiciding, I Am Forced To Post Again To Debunk This Scam. As Many Times As These Evil Globalist Entitled Privileged Trash Of Society Lie And Spread Unnessacary Terror Throughout The World, I Will Post And Provide Proof That They Are Liars.

The Climate Change Scam A Stalking Horse for Agenda 21

Carbon Dioxide Is Not A Pollutant, Carbon Dioxide Is .04 Of A percent Of The Entire Earths Atmosphere! Human Beings Create 3 Percent Of That .04 Percent Across The Entire Planet! Our Children Are Being Fed This Global Warming Garbage From Kindergarten Through To University By Marxist/Socialist Teachers Who Are Terrifying Young Children Into Believing That The World Will End Within A Decade! Again, This Global Warming Scam Is A Trojan Horse For Agenda 21 The Mental, Emotional, And Physical Suppression Of Humanity. See This Post.

Prince Charles Is Either The Greatest Idiot Or Greatest Liar In The World, I’m Opting For The Latter. Dear God, Enough Of This Insanity. The Emperor (Prince) Has No Clothes.