WARNING: The Globalist Cabal Luciferian Death Cult Are Increasing The Mental, Emotional, And Physical Suppression Of Humanity.  

There is a Global Geoengineering push by the Cabal happening now. The crap that they are spraying dissipates faster than ever seen. In Sydney I have only seen one cockroach, and it was dead on my lounge room floor instead of the normal parade of previous years? There are other occurrences that are extremely disturbing, there was an attempted assassination of President Trump by poisoning last weekend, and Free Speech censorship is off the charts. The Globalist Cabal Death Cult Is Making Their Move. This is Not A Conspiracy Theory, It Is Agenda 21 And Its Happening Now! 

A Special Report From Deborah Tavares From Stop The Crime.Net 

Agenda 21: The Mental, Emotional, And Physical Suppression Of Humanity.  

The out of control fires 🔥 are believed to have been generated by a combination of Geoengineering spraying combustibles and DEW Directed Energy Weapons. There is a warning about Geoengineering terraforming of the planet. As they say on Vaxxed, Pray Big.