Marxist/Socialists Control The Narrative Of Mainstream Media Pushing The Fake Climate Alarmist Agenda

 These Liars And Propagandists That Are Causing Children To Give Up On Life, And Some To Suicide, Should Be Charged With Criminal Fraud! CO2 Is Not A Pollutant, It Is The Breath Of Life! The ‘Club Of Rome’ Was Established In 1968 With The Specific Task Of Exploiting Environmental Issues To Justify A Global Transformation Agenda And From This Has Come The Human Caused Global Warming Hoax.The Overwhelming Contribution To Green House Gases Comes From Water Vapour and Clouds And The Majority Of Carbon Dioxide (without which we’d all be dead) Is Naturally Occurring.

Climate Change Blamed On Human Activity Is The Manufactured Excuse To Justify Fascistic/Communistic Centralisation Of Control Through United Nations Deceptions Known As Agenda 21 And Agenda 2030.