We Need To Protect The Children – William Tompkins US Naval Intelligence Aerospace Engineer And Section Chief Of Apollo Program Warning To Humanity

I Really Struggle With Exposing This Threat To Humanity Because It Sounds Totally Unbelievable, Questions My Credibility, And May Prevent Much Of The Other Information That I Am Aware Of Being Accepted As Truth. But The Threat Is Real, And Needs To Be Exposed! There Are Many Videos Of The Recently Deceased William Tompkins On YouTube That Can Be Referenced, And That Speak To Bills Credibility. 

William Tompkins US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief, Warns Of Global Disinformation And Other Assaults On Humanity By Malevolent Entities. 

Watch Closely And See The Reaction Of These Whistleblowers When They Are Asked About The Draco.