Climate Emergency Declared By Many Scientists, Denied Due To Overwhelming Evidence To The Contrary By Millions

In A Ridiculous Attempt To Keep The Fake Climate Alarmist Agenda Going, The Latest Spoof Is To Claim That Eleven Thousand Scientists Around The World Have Declared A Climate Emergency. I’m Embarrassed To Say that My City Of Sydney Also. The Gullibility Of People In Believing Whatever They Are Fed By The Globalist Cabal Mainstream Media is Staggering. However, Hundreds Of Millions Including Millions of Scientists Have Not Declared A Climate Emergency, And Are Awake To The Communist Socialist Attempt To Destroy The Sovereignty Of Western Countries.

 Why Do We Have Carbon Emission Targets If Carbon CO2 Is Not A Pollutant, And This Has Been Established As Fact, It Is The Breath Of Life, And There Is A Shortage of Carbon Currently, And Ninety Seven Percent Of Greenhouse Gasses Are Water Vapour.? Just How Much Longer Are We Expected To Go Along With This Farce?

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Extinction Rebellion Founders Admit That The Demonstrations Are Not About Climate. They Are About Overthrowing Governments To Bring In A Leftist LGBTQ Agenda And Ending Male Heterosexuality And So called White Supremacy!