Alarmist rhetoric’ on climate change not borne out by figures: We Live In A Completely Fact Free World!

Coalition backbencher Craig Kelly says new figures show the vast majority of US states endured their hottest years in the 1930s, which goes against the “alarmist rhetoric” disseminated by global warming activists. Everything We Are Being Told Regarding ‘Climate Change’ Is A Lie! The Science Says Exactly The Opposite Of What We Are Being Told!

Question: Why Do We Have Carbon Emission Targets If Carbon Is Not A Pollutant, And This Has Been Established As Fact, It Is The Breath Of Life, And There Is A Shortage of Carbon Currently, And Ninety Seven Percent Of Greenhouse Gasses Are Water Vapour.? Just How Much Longer Are We Expected To Go Along With This Farce?

As I Have Posted In Pervious Articles, The Whole Climate Alarmist Agenda Is A Scam! As The leaders of Extinction Rebellion Have Stated, It Has Nothing To Do With the Climate, Its About The Overthrow Of Capitalism And Western Society And Values And Replacing Them With A Marxist Socialist Nightmare!