Public Schools Promoting Marxist Communist LGBTQ Indoctrination Exposed ‘Extinction Rebellion Speaking In Schools Advocating Overthrowing Capitalism

LGBTQ Encouraged, Pride Month Celebrated, Extinction Rebellion Marxist, Socialist Speakers Lecturing At School Assemblies Stating That We Should Overthrow Far Right Capitalist Governments, Otherwise Civilisation Would End Because Of (The Fake) Climate Change, Videos Explaining Why Carl Marx Is Great, And That We Should Accept His Ideas! Mass (Invasion) Immigration Praised! Benefits Of Converting To Islam Classes! EXTINCTION REBELLION ARE USING THE FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA AS A MASK TO OVERTHROW WESTERN CULTURE AND CAPITALISM.  

For Those of You That Are Consoling Yourselves With The Knowledge That This Is Only Happening In British Schools, I would Point Out That Its Called The Globalist Luciferian Cabal, Not The British Cabal! This Anti Western, Anti Family, Anti Christian Assault is Alive And Well In My Country, Australia!