The Greatest Lies About Autism – JB Handley Of Generation Rescue

Our Medical Profession Has Such Tunnel Vision! When it Comes To Vaccines Doctors Are Given Zero Information In Medical School. The Only Information they Receive Is…”Vaccines Are Safe And Effective And You Must Stick To the Schedule. A Statement That is Disputed By The ’Supreme Court’ Who Has Ruled That ’Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe”! The Vaccine Manufacturers And Big Pharma Design The Curriculum For Medical School. 

Vaccines Contain Neurotoxic Ingredients, Mercury, Aluminium, Formaldehyde, Aborted Foetal Tissue. It Has Been Proven That Injected Aluminium In Vaccines Are Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier, Calcifying the Pineal Gland And Causing Autism. Here Is A link To That Post.