Part Two – The Climate Change Alarmist Agenda – Pure Undiluted Totalitarianism

No Matter What Scientific Evidence Is Presented The Globalist NWO Elite Cabal Will Continue With Their Lie, The Fake Climate Change, Man Made Global Warming Agenda. Carbon Dioxide Is Not A Pollutant, It Is The Breath Of Life. Currently There is A Shortage of Carbon Dioxide.

Again, For Those That have Not Seen The Statement From The Founders Of Extinction Rebellion, The Mouthpieces Of the Cabal, Who Now Claim That Their Demonstrations Are Not About The Climate, But Are Instead About Dismantling Western Society, Here Is That Statement From The Founders Again……. 

Young People Have Committed Suicide Believing In This Fake Agenda, Some Women Have Refused To Have Children Because They Believe That There Is No Future. Clearly, These Two Leaders And Anyone Else Involved In The Scam Should be Declared Domestic Terrorists And Dealt With By Federal Authorities!