Extinction Rebellion Exposed As Global Terrorist Group

Founders Of Extinction Rebellion, The Leaders Of The Climate Alarmist Movement, Have Openly Admitted That Extinction Rebellion Has Nothing To Do With The Climate, And Everything To Do With Overthrowing Governments, Western Civilisation, And In Their Own Words, Promoting The Leftist LGBT Agenda. It Is Also Believed That They Are Involved In The Toxic 5G Rollout. Young People Have Committed Suicide Believing In This Fake Agenda, Some Women Have Refused To Have Children Because They Believe That There Is No Future. Clearly, These Two Leaders And Anyone Else Involved In The Scam Should be Declared Domestic Terrorists And Dealt With By Federal Authorities!

From A Real Climate Scientist, Proof That All The So Called Science And Climate Models Are Wrong. The Whole Climate Alarmist Agenda Is Built On A House Of Cards!