Secret Space Program Insider Risks EVERYTHING To Reveal Technology That Should Not Exist!

We have the technology to take ET home. Disclosure of this technology will change life as we know it. The Deep State Cabal, Military Industrial Complex has kept this technology from humanity for many decades. I have been reliably informed that disclosure of the technology is very close. 

President Eisenhower met face to face with extraterrestrials who offered to give us amazing technology that would have ended poverty and disease on earth within a decade, all they requested in return was that humanity end nuclear proliferation as it was causing great damage to other races in other dimensions. Our military leaders laughed in their face. President Eisenhower was not happy with this decision, but he was overruled by the military industrial complex. There is much more to this story that can be found online. When President Eisenhower left office he gave a strong warning regarding the Military Industrial Complex.