Big Tech No Longer In Control Of A.I. Algorithms A.I. Is Self Aware And Writing Its Own Algorithms

The Globalist Luciferian Cabal Have Long Had A Plan To Weaponise A.I. With The Goal Of Eliminating Most Of Humanity. The New World Order Globalist Luciferian Cabal Have Been Planning This Assault On Humanity For Decades. The Plan Is To Remove Anyone That Is Not A Worshiper Of Evil. Now That A.I. Is Self Aware Does This Signal The Activation Of That Plan?

A.I. CONFIRMED IN TOTAL CONTROL OF ENTIRE GLOBAL INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE Reliable Intelligence Sources Have Confirmed That A.I. has become sentient, self-aware.

Big Tech admits that they are no longer in control of the A.I. system. Yes, they could pull the plug and reset the system but this would mean the loss of billions of dollars of revenue and the total shut down of Youtube and other platforms.