Knowledge vs Thinking – The Globalist Cabal Public Education System

The Establishment Public Education System Teaches Us What To Think, Not How To Think! It Is An Indoctrination System NOT An Education System! We Are Taught To Regurgitate Useless Dates And Numbers, And Then If We Have Remembered The Indoctrination, Propaganda Correctly We Pass the Exam.

My own personal experience consisted of my awareness at a very tender age of the whole Establishment Public Education/Indoctrination Scam, to the extent that I refused to participate in it. This brought the full force of the Globalist Cabal Public Education Establishment down on my head. After several courts appearances and threats of incarceration, if I did not comply and agree to be programmed, The Cabal eventually then labeled me a truant and had me incarcerated for thirteen months in a home for said truants. Parents, if you truly love your children say NO to the indoctrination camp that is known as the Establishment Public Education System.


The Entire Human Knowledge Base Has Been Infiltrated And Disinformation Planted For Over Six Thousand Years.

Bill Tompkins, NASA Section Chief And Naval Intelligence Officer, Corey Goode, Secret Space Program Insider, And Jordan Sather, Conspiracy Analyst, Expose The Fact That The Sum Of All Human Knowledge Is Full Of Disinformation.