A New Economic System Is Coming Very Soon – Any World That Has A Money System Is A Controlled One! – Corey Goode SSP Insider

There Will Soon Be A Worldwide Economic Shift! The Cabal Economic Banking System Will Be Eliminated! The Alliance Is Negotiating With The Globalist Cabal In Order To Bring This About!

The Ascension

Corey Goode, Secret Space Program Insider And Chosen Liaison Between The Blue Avian Angelic Beings That Are Here To Assist Humanity With Our Ascension and Awakening To Our Fourth Density Of Awareness Consciousness Explains.

The Deep State, Shadow Government NWO Cabal Is Defeated! All The Insanity That Is Occurring In Our World Is Connected To A Dying Cornered Deep State Lashing Out At The New Medical And Scientific Technology That the Alliance Is Releasing In The Coming Disclosure.

The Collapsing Deep State Is Also Aware That Planet Earth And Humanity Are Ascending To The Fourth Density Of Awareness And Consciousness. And They Are Desperately Trying To Prevent This! They Will Fail! The Ascension Is Already In Process! This Link Will Explain…. https://wp.me/p19seq-54n