The Public Education System Is A Programming Prison For Your Children

The Minds Of Our Children Are Being Hijacked By The State! If The State Gets Its Way We Are Looking At The End Of Parenthood.! Public School Teachers Are Programmed Programmers Being Used To Program the Next Generation! 

When I Rebelled Against The Dumbing Down Of My Mind And The Utter Stupidity And Uselessness Of What Was Being Forced Down My Throat ( learning numbers and dates by rote and then having to regurgitate these details In So-Called Exams) By The Public School Indoctrination System, I Just Plain Refused To Comply And Attend Indoctrination. I Was Then Incarcerated In A Boys Home For Non-Compliance For Thirteen Months,

This Cycle Of The Indoctrination Of Our Children Must End. Parents Take Responsibility For Your Children’s Futures And Home School Them. Why Do You Think There Is A State Movement To Attack And Prevent Home Schooling? The Globalist Corporate Multinational Criminals That Run This World Don’t Want Their Indoctrination Program To End, Because Then, Their Manipulation And Control Of Humanity Would End Also!

Sadly, I Am Estranged From My Children As they Were Indoctrinated By The Programming Prison And Have Resisted All Of My Attempts To Educate Them In Lifes Truths. I Was Blessed Enough To Meet With Some Special People In The Intelligence Community Who Educated Me In Lifes Truths And The Many Lies And Propaganda And Programming That Humanity Has Been Subjected To. My Parents Were A Product Of the Same Indoctrination System So They Unable To Warn Me Of The Many Indoctrination Programs And Pitfalls Of Life.

 My Eyes Have Been Opened To What Is Really Important In Life, Communication And Loving Each Other Unconditionally! 

The Criminal Corporate Cabal Endgame For Humanity