Port Arthur Massacre – John Howard’s Political Agenda To Disarm The Population

Retired Victorian Policeman, Andrew MacGregor, Names the Port Arthur Massacre Gunmen. Andrew Macgregor Retired Because Of Police  Corruption! THIS WAS A STAGED EVENT, STAGED TO DISARM THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA, AN INNOCENT MAN HAS BEEN DENIED JUSTICE AND ROTS IN JAIL FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS!

It reminds me of the black ops of the Hilton bombing by Special branch who were later disbanded.

CRISIS, REACTION, SOLUTION and our guns are gone.

We are born with a God given right of self defence. No-one wants to take a life, but should a violent assault occur its pointless to call the Police for help! Our right to defend our lives against violent assault and imminent death has been removed by a Criminal Multinational Corporate Cabal of Sociopaths that currently rule this world!

“Port Arthur Coroner finds Martin Bryant NOT GUILTY”

“Leaked Police audio reveals Martin Bryant innocent!”

“Wish I knew how to be free”